The 82-year-old Baloch Abdul Qadir Bakhsh, has returned to his home in the village of Goth Hajji Rahim in Hub, Balochistan on Saturday after performing Umrah. Baksh, who doesn’t own a phone, said that he had been saving for 15 years to make the pilgrimage, and the first time he saw his viral video was during an Arab News interview.

“I feel like all my worries have vanished. My heart is content. I am not even short of sustenance, I am happy. My wish to visit the shrine of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Makkah have been granted,” Bakhsh told Arab News.

“At the Kaaba, I prayed: ‘Allah, I don’t know this place, so you are my guide. I have no guide here. If I’m not healthy then this place is better for me; I’m not a learned person and I have weak eye sight. Guide me as you’re my only guide… guide me to your secrets,’” he added.
He stated that his prayers had been answered.