A Japanese scientist’s research suggests that observing fasting during Ramadan may have cancer-fighting properties

Japanese Nobel Peace Price winner scientist Yoshinori Ohsumi has suggested that Fasting during Ramadan can make your body fight Cancer.

While Japanese Scientist Yoshinori was working on discovering how cells recycle their content, This process is known as Autophagy, also known as self-eating in Greek.

He further described it as a crucial process when cells break down the proteins and all non-essential components and reuse them for energy. Autophagy helps a body fight different kinds of bacteria and viruses, including cancer viruses and instantly recycles these bacteria and all sorts of viruses from the body.

While Yoshinori Ohsumi presented his discovery to the people and top Japanese scientists around him, someone asked, what is the ideal time for Autophagy to fight cancer bacteria? Yoshinori Ohsumi answered that it needs 8 to 14 hours of starvation for approximately 25 to 28 days a month every year to completely wipe out Cancer viruses from the body.

Muslims worldwide fast 29 to 30 days a month every year. That comes with starvation and is stretched from 8 to 14+ hours depending on the longest and shortest fast worldwide. Fasting during Ramadan is ideal for the Autophagy process, which helps fight cancer viruses.

Isn’t it amazing how beautiful the religion of Islam is ? that even in the state of worship, Allah is protecting you from deadly diseases such as Cancer and many other things which are still undiscovered.

Japanese Scientist Yoshinori Ohsumi said that Muslim fasting is an ideal thing to help this process happen.

This is indeed inspiring to see how miraculous the month of Ramadan is. That doubles all the rewards and secures us from all kinds of Evil and its incurable diseases.

Do share this beautiful piece of information with your friends and family.

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