A son carries his mother on his shoulders during Umrah – A heartwarming display of devotion

MAKKAH: An Umrah video of a pilgrim carrying his mother on his shoulders has gone viral on social media.

Many Twitterati and social media users hailed the pilgrim’s act of taking the utmost care of her mother. They said that the pilgrim fulfilled the Prophet’s (peace be upon him), saying that “Paradise is under the feet of mothers” in Ramadan in all senses of the word.

On Friday evening, a circulating video clip showed the pilgrim carrying his mother near the Holy Kaaba out of sincere respect and care for her.

As she performed Umrah sitting on his shoulders, the elderly woman pilgrim expressed her joy by kissing his beloved son’s head while overcome with joy.

Activists on social media praised the pilgrim, who finds self-realization and happiness by serving his mother selflessly and with dedication, in their comments.

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