Elderly man from Pakistan offered free Hajj

An elderly man from Pakistan has been appearing on social media since Ramadan. The 82-year-old Abdul Qadir Bakhsh from Pakistan saved money for 15 years by grazing goats for people in a small village to perform Umrah.

The man grabbed the attention of the people due to his simplicity. His simple attire and raw emotions won the hearts of people around the world. He was captured in a video while he was exiting the Prophet’s mosque in Ramadan.

After watching the video of this old man, many Saudis are of the opinion that his appearance and get-up look exactly like one Sahabi-e-Rasool Abu Bakr رضي الله عنه.

He was wearing a simple dress, was not equipped with shoes, and had pure emotions on his face. People from different countries are now offering him free Hajj this year including some businessmen in Pakistan.

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