Honored by the Algerian government to Imam Sheikh Waleed Mehsas for his kindness to a cat during the Taraweeh prayer

Readers will remember that a heartwarming video is still viral on all social media platforms for five days, in which one can see how a cat climbed on the shoulder of Imam Sahib during the Taraweeh prayer and in spite of his presence. The prayer was continued on behalf of

This video went viral like a tsunami on all social media platforms. It has been watched by millions of people on YouTube and Twitter. Apart from this, millions of social media users have seen this video on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social media platforms. And pictures/cartoons related to it are viral even today.

It is believed that this video has broken all previous records in terms of virality and number of viewers on social media and media all over the world. (All links to this video on YouTube are provided below)

This video was also widely covered by media in different languages ​​of the world. At first, this video was thought to be from Kenya, Tanzania or some other Islamic country. At the same time, Urdu News Jeddah revealed that this incident “happened with Sheikh Waleed Mehsas, the Imam of Abu Bakr Siddiq Mosque in Burj Bouariraj in the north of Algeria.”

After the video of this incident went viral all over the world and it was widely praised, Sheikh Waleed Mehsas, the imam of Abu Bakr Siddiq Mosque in Burj Bouarij, Algeria, was arrested by the Algerian government for the Islamic concept of compassion and mercy towards animals. The Office of the Director of Religious Affairs of Algeria has honored Imam Sheikh Waleed Mahas for his exemplary treatment of cats, Islamic teachings of compassion for animals, and his practical example through the representation of Rouye.

That by his actions he spread the message to the world that Islam enjoins love for all things created by Allah and the spirit of kindness and compassion towards them.

In this heartwarming video, it was seen that Imam Sheikh Waleed Mehsas of Abu Bakr Siddique Mosque of Burj Boariraj is giving Taraweeh prayer on live telecast microphone and there are rows of worshipers behind him. This scene is recorded in the camera in front of Imam Sahib. It can be seen that during the prayer, a cat suddenly comes from the front and grabs Imam Sahib’s clothes and reaches his hands. Imam Sahib continues reciting the Quran and holds this cat with his hands. So that he does not fall down and with the help of Imam Sahib, she climbs on his shoulder.

This video continues to be praised by social media users of all religions with an open mind. And Sheikh Waleed Mahsas, Imam Sahib of Abu Bakr Siddiq Mosque of Burj Boariraj, also took care of the cat while continuing the prayer. It is being appreciated that they have given full proof of human spirit and saved this speechless cat from falling down even during prayer.

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