Japanese Scientist discovers “Zam Zam” water is miraculous and can cure every illness


This Japenese Scientist said the Holy Water of Muslims known as “Zam Zam’ is miraculous in its nature, as it can hear, listen, observe and even can see. The Japan scientist Masaru Emoto did the following research.
Secrets of ZamZam Water discovered by Scientist

Masaru Emoto was born in Yokohama, Japan in July 1943 and a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University’s department of humanities and sciences with a focus on International Relations. In 1986 he established the IHM Corporation in Tokyo. In October of 1992, he received certification from the Open International University as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. Subsequently, he has introduced to the concept of micro cluster water in the US and Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology. The quest thus began to discover the mystery of water.

He undertook extensive research of water around the planet not so much as a scientific researcher, but more from the perspective of an original thinker. At length, he realized that it was in the frozen crystal form that water showed us its true nature through. He has gained worldwide acclaim through his groundbreaking research and discovery that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness.

He is the author of the best-selling book Messages from Water, The Hidden Messages in Water, and The True Power of Water. He is a long-time advocate for peace in relation to water. He is currently the head of the I.H.M.General Research Institute and President Emeritus of the International Water for Life Foundation, a Not for Profit Organization.

Mr. Emoto has been visually documenting these molecular changes in water by means of his photographic techniques. He freezes droplets of water and then examines them under a dark field microscope that has photographic capabilities.

Masaru Emoto discovers the secrets of Zam Zam Water- Science has now revealed new secrets of Zam Zam Water and the water is influenced by the verse of the Quran. It has now scientifically proven that affected by what is recited over it, Japenese scientist Masaru Emoto first began experimenting on water, after he had read that each snowflake falling from the sky is unique.

The composition of water is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

However, he tried to prove the theory of different snowflake falling from the sky is unique wrong, he did various research and found nothing to prove it wrong, later some of his Muslims colleagues told him about the sacred Holy Zam Zam water for experimental purpose, Emoto took a sample of Zamzam water and said “I could not crystalize it’ even by diluting the zam zam water with distilled water.  He finally manages to crystalize the zam zam water after diluting it by 1,000.

One drop of Zam-zam water mixed with 1,000 drops of distilled water and he got a uniquely-shaped crystal, two crystal were formed, one on the top of the other. Mr. Emoto’s Muslim colleagues said the two crystal could be due to the fact that zam zam water is composed of two words.

Masaru said “My Muslim colleagues offer me to play Quranic verses over the water, he brought a tape recorder and played some quranic verses`, and we got most perfectly shaped crystals.

Dr. Emoto also said that Muslims also recites ‘Bismillah’ before drinking water, this being practice by Muslims since the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), The word Bismillah as found to improve the quality and structure of even regular water, dr Emoto completed these experiments which lasted 15 years, he published a five-volume book called ‘ Messages from Water’. He wrote I have proven that water is capable of thinking, fathoming, feeling and expressing itself’.

He said ” The quality and purity of zam zam water will not be found anywhere else on the earth, he said if one drop of Zamzam water is mixed with 1,000 drops of regular water, regular water will increase in a quality similar to zamzam water.

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