Supplications for the First, Second, and Last Ashra of Ramadan


These are the three duas that you need to recite during each Ashra in Ramadan, First, Second and Third. These duas are must-read during Ramadan.

Ramadan holds the highest value among other Months in Islamic History. It is the month when the Quran was relieved to Prophet Muhammad PBUH; this month also consists of Laila tul qadar nights, which hold greater rewards for worshipping, which you can never find in any other nights throughout the year. Ramadan is an opportunity which Allah SWT gives to all Muslims to seek refuge, repent and ask for mercy.

Dua for First Ashra of Ramadan – (1st Ashra, Days of Mercy)

first ashra ramadan dua

The first ten days of Ramadan is best to seek mercy from Allah SWT, as his mercy knows no boundaries; he will give you more than your expectation if asked in a way that is like by Allah SWT. Reciting the given dua is best for seeking mercy from Allah SWT.

Dua for Second Ashra of Ramadan – (2nd Ashra, Days of Forgiveness)

second ashra ramadan dua

In this part of Ramadan, from the 10th fast till 20th fast, we all should do Aastaghfaar to request Allah to forgive our sins. Say Astaghfar for the sins you have committed and promise yourself that you will never commit the same sin again.

Also, be kind during your fast to other people and forgive little misunderstandings between your family and relatives.

Dua for Third Ashra of Ramadan – (Last Ashra, Days of Seeking Refuge)

third ashra ramadan dua

The ending of Ramadan contains the days of Lailatul Qadr, having the highest rewards among the rest of the days throughout the year. Alongside this, Muslims worldwide do Itikaf in this Ashra and seek refuge by reciting the dua we have given above.

Share these duas so more Muslims can recite and share them.



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